v0.8.4 released

Today, we published the bug fix release v0.8.4, which was mainly driven by issues reported by the community. Thanks for the feedback!

This release solves the following problems:

  • 0000136[CommentSummaryView] NullPointerException if selection filter of ReviewExplorer is toggled and ICommandService is not available
  • 0000141[ReviewExplorer] Reviews not update when switching branches with git
  • 0000143[XMLStorage] Using egit and switching between branches may cause lose of active AgileReview Source Folder
  • 0000142[Other] Multiple open review projects
  • 0000135[Annotations] ClassCastException when editing annotation tags manually

Also, the update sites are available via their old URL again:


Don’t worry, the update sites are also available via their SourceForge URL.