Update Site and Regression Bug in v0.8.4

Some things went terribly wrong in the last days. We’re really sorry for that!

First of all, when moving from SourceForge web-space to our own server, we did not manage to properly configure the update sites for the agilereview.org domain. We tried to fix this issue in the last days but some misconfigurations kept the update sites from working. This has been fixed (and tested!) so that the update sites are up and running again.

Second, the bug fix for bug 0000141 caused some software regression that rendered AgileReview unusable. The fix was reverted and AgileReview can be used as usual again. A fix for bug 0000141 will be released with v0.8.5. Both, stable and nightly builds can be retrieved via our update sites or from the SourceForge “Files” section. The jar-file for v0.8.4 was missing in the last days but is available again.