Developer Documentation

This page provides the documentation of this project. Since this project was developed at a German university the documentation for developers is in German language. All documents named here can be found here (v0.6_DE) and here (v0.7).

Product Requirements Document (Lastenheft)

This first document in the software development life-cycle was created from the customer requirements. It contains a short description of the project, its functionality (in a short description) and data.

Functional Specification Document (Pflichtenheft)

This functional specification is detailed description of the product requirement document. It contains the information of the product requirements in a detailed way and further informations. For example the functionality is split in the different iterations and explained with pre-, postcondition and a detailed description.


This document contains the architecture of the project. Because of the size of the architecture we decided to split the architecture in different parts (divide & conquer) to get a better overview and also the details in further diagrams. With click on the packages you can get to the detail class diagram.

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