Looking for Sponsors for Eclipse Day Delft 2012

In late September the Eclipse Day Delft 2012 will take place in Delft, NL and we are very interested in this event. It “will focus on tools and techniques to support the software development process”. Furthermore, “Quality Assurance” is one of the main topics. Therefore, the Eclipse Day Delft would be the ideal possibility to present AgileReview to a rather broad audience.

However, (from a students point of view) it is a long and expensive way from Kaiserslautern to Delft by any transportation possibility. As we cannot afford the trip, we haven’t submitted a proposal for a presentation yet. We decided to first of all look for persons or companies that are willing to (partially) take over the costs for this trip.

Whether you are a user of AgileReview and are looking for a way to give some rewards to the developers of your favourite review tool or you simply want to see us presenting AgileReview in Delft: this would be the perfect opportunity to do so!

If you are willing to support us, contact us via team email address developers -at- agilereview.org.