The AgileReview project was planned and developed in an iterative life-cycle approach. In this section we want to present the different iterations from the past and the future. If you are interested in a more detailed overview see our Mantis Roadmap.

Iteration 6 – 

The next steps will be announced soon.

Future Releases

Some ideas have been summarized in the following mock-up. The mock-up depicts the planned UI of AgileReview v1.0. Feel free to suggest features!

If you have some ideas or wishes for an interesting feature for one of the next iterations, do not hesitate to contact us (mailinglist/forum).

Iteration 5 – 

New planing/development phase started on April 8th 2011, release of iteration 5 (v.0.7) will be during September ’11:

  • some refactoring changes, so that the performance of the plugin increases
  • possibility to change the AgileReview store location for reviews and comments
  • extended tag-support for comment tags –> support every programming/scripting language
    • user can define his own tags in preferences
  • export: template & output path can be set as default
  • handling of adding comments in JavaDoc (currently destroys the JavaDoc)
  • activate open review with doubleclick
  • adding a comment without having a review created yet, the user will be asked whether he wants to create a new review
  • show external review reference (e.g. Bugzilla) as weblink
  • repositioning of comments

Iteration 4 –

  • Clean Project
  • Export to Excel
  • Usability
    • Shortcuts
    • extended Help-functionality
    • preferences page
    • “smart suggestions”

Iteration 3 –

  • refactoring
    • in each file
    • across folders/projects

Iteration 2 –

  • review functionality
    • insert review
    • edit review
    • delete review

Iteration 1 – 

  • plugin development and connection to eclipse
  • comment functionality
    • insert comment
    • edit comment
    • delete comment