• Marketplace QuickInstall Since Indigo there is a new feature for installing plug-ins using the eclipse marketplace:
  • Update Sites (v0.9.x)
    • Stable:
    • Continuous Builds:
  • Update Sites (v1.0.0) – not released / under development
    • AgileReview Eclipse-Plugin (p2 Repository):
    • CoreLib (m2 Repository):
    • AgileReview Findbugs Demo (p2 Repository):
  • SVN (until v0.8.4, deprecated) The SVN location is formatted using the Subversive Plug-In for Eclipse such that there are folders for trunk/branches/tags. The following SVN location points to the project root.
    svn co

    In order to get the latest stable version navigate into the trunk subfolder and branches otherwise:

    svn co
    svn co
    svn co
  • GitHub
    • AgileReview-Legacy-Plugin (<v1.0.0, current stable):
      git clone

      Use branch “master” for releases or branch “next_Release” for the current development iteration.

    • AgileReview-Plugin (v1.0.0):
      git clone

      Use branch “master” for the future version v1.0.0. Depends on the CoreLib project.

    • CoreLib (required for AgileReview v1.0.0):
      git clone
    • Findbugs Importer (Prototyp/Demo, compatible with v1.0.0):
      git clone

    SourceForge Git Repository (updated erratically, Eclipse plugin only):

    git clone git:// agilereview-git

XLS Export Templates (download)

In order to export the review data using the export function you need an export template. Basic templates are currently available which can be adapted to your needs.

AgileReview Toolkit (download)

Releases less than v0.7 of AgileReview had some problems according to inconsistent line breaks within the XML representation. With this tool you can solve this problem within files generated by a previous version of AgileReview. Furthermore this Toolkit gives the opportunity to validate xml representation of your reviews.