AgileReview v0.9.1 released

We are happy to announce AgileReview v0.9.1. A lot of bug fixes but also some new features made their way into our latest release!

The release improves the Cleanup-Action. It is now possible to clean up more than one project as well restrict the Cleanup-Action to comments in state ‘closed’.

Thanks to everybody who provided feedback!

AgileReview v0.9.1 is available via our update site as usual:

Infrastructure Changes

In addition to our previously announced move to GitHub we decided to split the development for AgileReview v1.0.0 and the current stable version of AgileReview into separate projects.

The project is now spilt up into

Within this overall move to GitHub we also finally decided to use the GitHub issue-tracker, which can be found on our Bugs & Requests page.

AgileReview repository moved to GitHub (update)

Already in January we moved our main development repository to GitHub. This move was affected by our decision to move from SVN to Git. This will help us to focus more easily on our main goal for the next months. Please note, that we keep the SVN repository on SourceForge but will not do any further commits there. All code can now be found at the following locations:


  • AgileReview-Plugin (current stable):
    git clone

    Use branch “master” for releases or branch “next_Release” for the current development iteration.

  • AgileReview-Plugin (v1.0.0):
    git clone

    Use branch “master” for the future version v1.0.0. depends on the CoreLib project.

  • CoreLib (required for AgileReview v1.0.0):
    git clone
  • Findbugs Importer (Prototyp/Demo, compatible with v1.0.0):
    git clone

SourceForge (updated erratically, Eclipse plugin only):

git clone git:// agilereview-git


Mantis Bugtracker moved

As Sourceforge has announced to close its HostedApps program, we have to move our Mantis-Bugtracker to a new location:
All tickets and users have been migrated except the user passwords, which have been made not available by Sourceforge. Thus if you had an account previously in Mantis, just go to the lost-my-password-page and type in your sourceforge user name and sourceforge email address. Than qou will get an email allowing you to set your new password (decoupled now from your Sourceforge account).

Happy Bugtracking 🙂

AgileReview on Eclipse DemoCamp 2014 in Munich

After a longer break, we are happy to announce further development steps for the new version of AgileReview.
The targeted version 1.0 comes up with a new modularized architecture and core libraries which are independent from the eclipse world. This enables you to integrate AgileReview as a marker tool for your static analysis tool or any other batch runner, which should create new AgileReview comments within eclipse or without eclipse.

We will provide a short overview about the current development steps and the current state in a short demo on the Eclipse DemoCamp 2014 in Munich (

AgileReview featured in German journal Eclipse Magazin 6.2013

We recently noticed, that AgileReview is featured in the latest issue of the German journal “Eclipse Magazin” which is available since 9/27/2013.

Author Simon Olofsson provides you with a comparison of AgileReview and Review For Eclipse (R4E), an Eclipse top-level project in incubator status. R4E is also known to the AgileReview team. We discussed the different approaches of both tools already at the Eclipse DemoCamp Kaiserslautern in 2011, where we met Steffen Pingel, one of the developers of R4E.

The criticism provided by Simon is really appreciated. We know that AgileReview still has rough edges. While the positive feedback fortifies us, the constructive criticism helps us to further improve AgileReview.

The mentioned issue of the magazine is available at German newsdealers or online at

P.S.: Altough you did not hear much from us we did not stop the development of AgileReview. We are still working on the completely reworked AgileReview 1.0!

Server maintenance

Beside the current development of the first 1.0 release of AgileReview, the last days we worked on moving our webspace from SourceForge to a new server. So unfortunately it happened, that the UpdateSite of AgileReview stopped working.
Now hopefully all webspace related issues are fixed and you will be able to install AgileReview via our UpdateSite again. If there are any issues left do not hesitate to contact us!

v0.8.3 released

Today we released the bug fix release v0.8.3, which was mainly driven by issues reported of the community, thanks for all feedback! This release mainly solves the following problems:

  1. Adding comments in Zend Studio does not work.
  2. The On-Save action “formatting code” destroys code and comment tags when adding or deleting comments.
  3. Commenting JavaDoc and have formatting code on save enabled, will result in additional lines which are not removed after comment deletion
  4. Project-Cleanup does not remove all tags consistent to manual removing via AgileReview-Perspective

For more information see the changelog.

Feedback of the STI JourFix

First of all, we want to thank the Software Technologie Initiative Kaiserslautern e.V., which gave us the possibility to present AgileReview at their JourFix.

The Jour Fixe itself was a big success. Almost 30 participants, from different regional companies and institutes attended our 40-minute-talk. Following, there were some very interesting questions about the project as well as some useful suggestions on features for future releases (e.g. the integration of checklists). Also during the Meet&Great-session we got really nice and positive feedback.

Some impressions of the presentation can be found in this long and interesting blog post about AgileReview of Maud Schlich.

Thanks to all for the kind feedback!

Thanks for Braunschweig

A couple of days has been gone since we introduced AgileReview to the JUG Ostfalen community. At this point we have to thank a view people for this great opportunity. For everyone who missed our presentation, you can find a short review on the community site.

First, we want to thank Uwe Sauerbrei for the invitation to this presentation. But we also want to thank the booster club for computer science of the University of Kaiserslautern (FIT), who took over the costs for the long (and from a students point of view expensive) trip to Braunschweig and therefore rendered our presentation possible.

Thanks! domain established

Hi all,

during development we decided to establish a more intuitive domain for AgileReview and now here is it!
This site is now also available via!

Furthermore, all developers can also be contacted using <first name>.<surname> now.

Have fun and keep updated. The next release is comming soon.