AgileReview v0.9.2 released

We are happy to announce AgileReview v0.9.2. Two user requests made their way into our latest release!

The release fixes the following issues:

Thanks to everybody who provided feedback!

AgileReview v0.9.2 is available via our update site as usual:


AgileReview v0.9.1 released

We are happy to announce AgileReview v0.9.1. A lot of bug fixes but also some new features made their way into our latest release!

The release improves the Cleanup-Action. It is now possible to clean up more than one project as well restrict the Cleanup-Action to comments in state ‘closed’.

Thanks to everybody who provided feedback!

AgileReview v0.9.1 is available via our update site as usual:

AgileReview v0.9.0 released

We are happy to announce AgileReview v0.9.0. We decided to skip 0.8.5 and move to 0.9.0 in order to clarify our point of view that the current AgileReview Plugin is now in a stable state. Therefore, we also decided to drop the Beta-Status.

The release provides file paths of commented files and comment replies as part of an extended XLS-export format. We also updated the export templates to provide you with examples on how to use our export data. The template can be downloaded in XLS format and XLSX format.

AgileReview v0.9.0 is available via our update site as usual:

AgileReview featured in German journal Eclipse Magazin 6.2013

We recently noticed, that AgileReview is featured in the latest issue of the German journal “Eclipse Magazin” which is available since 9/27/2013.

Author Simon Olofsson provides you with a comparison of AgileReview and Review For Eclipse (R4E), an Eclipse top-level project in incubator status. R4E is also known to the AgileReview team. We discussed the different approaches of both tools already at the Eclipse DemoCamp Kaiserslautern in 2011, where we met Steffen Pingel, one of the developers of R4E.

The criticism provided by Simon is really appreciated. We know that AgileReview still has rough edges. While the positive feedback fortifies us, the constructive criticism helps us to further improve AgileReview.

The mentioned issue of the magazine is available at German newsdealers or online at

P.S.: Altough you did not hear much from us we did not stop the development of AgileReview. We are still working on the completely reworked AgileReview 1.0!

Update Site and Regression Bug in v0.8.4

Some things went terribly wrong in the last days. We’re really sorry for that!

First of all, when moving from SourceForge web-space to our own server, we did not manage to properly configure the update sites for the domain. We tried to fix this issue in the last days but some misconfigurations kept the update sites from working. This has been fixed (and tested!) so that the update sites are up and running again.

Second, the bug fix for bug 0000141 caused some software regression that rendered AgileReview unusable. The fix was reverted and AgileReview can be used as usual again. A fix for bug 0000141 will be released with v0.8.5. Both, stable and nightly builds can be retrieved via our update sites or from the SourceForge “Files” section. The jar-file for v0.8.4 was missing in the last days but is available again.

Looking for Sponsors for Eclipse Day Delft 2012

In late September the Eclipse Day Delft 2012 will take place in Delft, NL and we are very interested in this event. It “will focus on tools and techniques to support the software development process”. Furthermore, “Quality Assurance” is one of the main topics. Therefore, the Eclipse Day Delft would be the ideal possibility to present AgileReview to a rather broad audience.

However, (from a students point of view) it is a long and expensive way from Kaiserslautern to Delft by any transportation possibility. As we cannot afford the trip, we haven’t submitted a proposal for a presentation yet. We decided to first of all look for persons or companies that are willing to (partially) take over the costs for this trip.

Whether you are a user of AgileReview and are looking for a way to give some rewards to the developers of your favourite review tool or you simply want to see us presenting AgileReview in Delft: this would be the perfect opportunity to do so!

If you are willing to support us, contact us via team email address developers -at-

v0.8.2 released

Due to some user feedback and bugs that were detected recently we decided to do an additional release while continuing development of AgileReview v1.0.

The new version includes an option to perform the cleanup process for single reviews (issue 120). Other changes are:

  • 0000127: Review data will not be stored when using the 'create new review' wizard
  • 0000121: 'Delete Resource' in DetailView deletes comment but not tags
  • 0000122: disable unavailable options for closed reviews in ReviewExplorer context menu

We want to thank all users that provided us with feedback and are looking forward to getting more from you. This feedback helps us to continuously improve the quality of AgileReview.

AgileReview Presentation at STI Jour Fixe Kaiserslautern

During last week’s Eclipse regular’s table in Kaiserslautern we were asked to give a presentation at the Software Technology Initiative Kaiserslautern jour fixe. The presentation will be held at

Fraunhofer IESE
Fraunhofer-Platz 1
67663 Kaiserslautern

on April, 18th, 17:30-19:30.

We will cover basic information on AgileReview, some in-depth architecture descriptions and an insight into the current architecture rework. Join us if you are interested in AgileReview and want to get first-hand knowledge from the developers.

Special thanks goes to Claudia Könnecke, verit Informationssysteme GmbH, who coordinated the regular’s table and kindly asked whether we were interested in the STI presentation!

v0.8.1 released

It’s been a while since our last release, but finally we managed to roll out AgileReview v0.8.1.

Besides some minor bug fixes, the handling of Review Source Folders was improved. As suggested by some users an option to suppress warnings due to a missing Review Source Folder was added. Furthermore, the preferences UI was updated.

We are looking forward to getting feedback from you, so that we can continuously improve the quality of AgileReview. Visit our change log to get to know everything about the new features and bug fixes.

Quickstart document updated

Due to the release of AgileReview v0.8.0 the Quickstart document was updated. Major changes include the new multi-color support of comments. Download the Quickstart document here.

Line break conversion and validation toolkit available

Some of our users experienced SVN related problems due to occurences of both Windows and Unix line endings. Although this issue was fixed in v0.7.1 the problem might persist in “old” review data. Therefore, we developed a small toolkit which enables you to convert the line endings of all files of a AgileReview source folder to your systems line endings (download). Furthermore, you can check the validity of these files. You will be notified about problems like empty files or erroneous XML structures which currently can cause failures of AgileReview. These issues will be regarded in the next bug-fix release which is currently under development.

Development status update 0.7.0

As mentioned in the last post, the release of v0.7.0 of AgileReview had to be delayed due to broken refactoring stability. We managed to fix these issues and are now testing whether the refactoring actions “move” and “rename” work well. Continue reading

Development status update

Some days ago, the implementation phase of AgileReview v0.7 ended up. The main features that were implemented are the “configurable source folder” and “extended language support”. Continue reading

Update due to important bug fix (v0.6.1)

An update has been released that fixes a null-pointer exception that occured when switching between editors after switching from the AgileReview perspective to any other perspective. We recommend to update the AgileReview plugin via update site. (see ChangeLog)

First public beta release (v0.6.0)

Just some minutes ago the first public beta (v0.6.0) was released. It can be downloaded using the update site or via file download.

“Quick Start” added

As a reaction to some suggestions by our alpha testers, we added a “Quick Start” page to provide a short introduction to the AgileReview plugin.

@all testers: Thanks for testing and supporting our project 🙂