AgileReview repository moved to GitHub (update)

Already in January we moved our main development repository to GitHub. This move was affected by our decision to move from SVN to Git. This will help us to focus more easily on our main goal for the next months. Please note, that we keep the SVN repository on SourceForge but will not do any further commits there. All code can now be found at the following locations:


  • AgileReview-Plugin (current stable):
    git clone

    Use branch “master” for releases or branch “next_Release” for the current development iteration.

  • AgileReview-Plugin (v1.0.0):
    git clone

    Use branch “master” for the future version v1.0.0. depends on the CoreLib project.

  • CoreLib (required for AgileReview v1.0.0):
    git clone
  • Findbugs Importer (Prototyp/Demo, compatible with v1.0.0):
    git clone

SourceForge (updated erratically, Eclipse plugin only):

git clone git:// agilereview-git