AgileReview featured in German journal Eclipse Magazin 6.2013

We recently noticed, that AgileReview is featured in the latest issue of the German journal “Eclipse Magazin” which is available since 9/27/2013.

Author Simon Olofsson provides you with a comparison of AgileReview and Review For Eclipse (R4E), an Eclipse top-level project in incubator status. R4E is also known to the AgileReview team. We discussed the different approaches of both tools already at the Eclipse DemoCamp Kaiserslautern in 2011, where we met Steffen Pingel, one of the developers of R4E.

The criticism provided by Simon is really appreciated. We know that AgileReview still has rough edges. While the positive feedback fortifies us, the constructive criticism helps us to further improve AgileReview.

The mentioned issue of the magazine is available at German newsdealers or online at

P.S.: Altough you did not hear much from us we did not stop the development of AgileReview. We are still working on the completely reworked AgileReview 1.0!